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About Global Commercial Capital Investment Group

We are one of the world’s leading global investment management firms. We work with key partners to secure funding for your developments across a myriad of sectors, whilst seeking to mitigate any risk created during the process.

Possessing many years of experience in specialized and alternative investment strategy, GCCIG works with and has access to a large selection of credible private and institutional investors. We are duly passionate about achieving individualized solutions for you, our client.

The People

No company can be competitive and offer a valuable product or service, without a staff that revels in what they do. At GCCIG, our teammates are determined to work on individualized solutions with your best interest at heart.  Our very culture will have you feeling like a part of the team and at the same time comforted; knowing that you are dealing with people that exuberate the type of talent, expertise, and determination to help you get the job done.



Our Proprietors firmly believe that operating at the highest level of ethical standard, coupled with decisive and clear decision making; is imperative to the success of any company.
These men and women are critical to our amassing of global multi-billion dollar business relationships and partners, that have become paramount to the meeting of company objectives.