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The program is for clients who have a Jumbo or Super Jumbo residential property that they want to purchase or refinance (usually similar in terms and conditions). For Borrowers who are paying high interest rates and are planning on staying in property long-term; For Borrowers looking to relive debt-to-income issues (DTI), For Borrowers looking for substantial lines of credit given that they have the equity in their real estate property and meet the down payment requirement. For Borrowers looking to lower their interest rate and payments can benefit from our low interest rates that will offer tremendous savings over the life of their loan. Borrowers should be aware that they will be impacted with upfront insurance bonding, interest and fees making it more costly on the front end. However, these or any upfront expenses to borrower can be included in the loan amounts leaving borrower after closing with 0 cash out-of-pocket. Which is a prime benefits of our financing models in that they offer borrowers a great deal of flexibility.