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Technology Funding

Advancement in technology has fundamentally changed the way we live, to our very existence on this planet. Over the last decade, technology has steadily inclined from the first computer to the laptops, home phones to phones in our pockets. The many electronic devices, the World Wide Web, social media and ongoing new and innovative developments, makes it naturally impossible to keep up with what is trending. This has opened the door for budding entrepreneurs, new and existing businesses to capitalize on that market.

 Funding these technological initiatives can be a challenge for most of these individuals and businesses, this is where Global Commercial Capital Investment Group, Inc (GCCIG) can assist.

GCCIG believes technology to be the pre-requisite to innovation, which in turn leads to economic success. In a globalized economy, it is now a requirement for companies, organizations, and governments to invest in, procure and research technologies; if they are to ensure their prosperity and retain a level of relevance in today’s market.

We want to help in allowing that innovation and/or business to reach its full potential and thereby eventually help to promote that presence in this growing world of technology.

“Once a new technology rolls over you if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road” – Steward Brand

Be a part of the steamroller, discover the access point to technology funding. GCCIG will accept proposals for projects that will lead to the technological advancement of the organizations our clients represent, given they meet requirements as stated under our Forms and Requirements page.

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