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Infrastructure Investments

Increasingly government bodies have been faced with the question: ‘How to fund the nation’s growing infrastructure needs’. Global Commercial Capital Investment Group, Inc (GCCIG) understands the overall impact that proper funding provides to the continued growth and development of such projects. Meeting the fulfillment of wider objectives such as employment, empowerment and poverty reduction will lead to direct and immediate improvement into people’s life and by extension the society.

GCCIG provides loan funding with the purpose of achieving initiatives that are properly laid out by government representatives. To qualify for this branch of funding, government officials through whom contact is made will need to provide a full infrastructure development plan for evaluation.

GCCIG is interested in aiding governments to achieve initiatives as listed below:

  • Early Learning and Childcare
  • Further and Higher Education
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Transport
  • Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Water
  • Rural Affairs
  • Agriculture
  • Justice
  • Culture and Heritage

The above list is non-exhaustive and actual funding will involve detail collaboration between GCCIG representatives and the governments selected as beneficiaries.

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