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Equipment Finance Loans

Survival and success in business is linked to having the necessary equipment that is vital for day to day operations. The decision to purchase, replace or upgrade equipment can create a serious plunge in the businesses cash flow. We can help in that decision by reducing that plunge. All businesses are different and will require different methods of handling the process to funding.

 Global Commercial Capital Investment Group, Inc (GCCIG) provides loan funding for clients whom aim to purchase, replace or upgrade a myriad of industrial equipment.

GCCIG requires the intended operation of the equipment to be purchased to be clearly stated in addition to meeting requirements stipulated on our Forms and Requirements page.

GCCIG is willing to assist in sourcing Equipment for the client if the client does not already have an intended supplier or if the client would like to outsource the procurement process.

In a case where procurement must be governed by steps and procedures, as stipulated in government policy; Imperative information must be shared between client representatives and GCCIG in addition to those requirements stipulated on our Forms and Requirements page.

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