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GCCIG offers asset-based loans from Private Lenders on Commercial Purchases and Development Projects (up to $1.25 Billion, higher amounts accepted with prior approval).

GCCIG brings over 30 plus years of experience in commercial real estate sales, acquisitions, and finance. We have established valuable relationships with a global who’s who of private lenders that possess the expertise and assets required to get your loan or (your client’s loan) proposal funded. ECIG specializes in Large Commercial Financing.

GCCIG offers Commercial borrowers the best of both worlds; increased buying power coupled with the added flexibility of substantial savings over the life of their loan. Our Consultants are able to meet and exceed every client’s expectations when it comes to matching their mortgage needs with the proper solution-oriented loan product.

With GCCIG, you will receive more and spend less on all of your commercial real estate mortgage needs.

GCCIG’s private lenders offer a true asset-based lending product(s). Our private lenders do not base lending approval on either Personal Credit (FICO), DTI (debt to income) or a personal guarantee! GCCIG lenders are truly asset-based lenders. With the required down payment of 30%, (Minimum 20% down) Mezzanine Financing may be applied for on a case-by-case basis at up to 10% of the loan amount, the borrower can consider their loan request application approved!

GCCIG’s private lenders do not require any upfront fees. By simply providing us with a detailed LOI (Letter of Intent) and intake application (provided on the “FORMS” page) private lenders will respond within 48-72 hours with a preliminary approval in writing!

The private lender will then provide the client with all pertinent information they require at that point which represents SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for this industry. Private Lender performs an in-house underwriting and borrower can close with Corporation, Trust or LLC business structures. The benefits of this private lender funding for well-suited borrowers are numerous and we will be happy to explain all the details with clients after you fulfil the initial preliminary procedures and down payment requirements.

Remember, there is no obligation, upfront fees or adhesion contractual obligations on the borrower’s part till they receive a full disclosure offer by the private lender and agree to all the terms and conditions of the lender before going to contract. Our Private Lenders are 100% transparent, with full disclosure and ethical practices upheld, providing a lender offering that rivals the finest financial lending products in the industry.

All of our clients can expect the utmost in professional service and attention to every detail.


  • 100% Private Funding
    • International Lending Network
  • Fixed Rates as Low as 4%
    • Up To 30 Year Amortization
  • Seamless Closing Process For Quick Closings
    • In House Underwriting & Streamlined Loan Process
  • Will Finance Self-Employed
  • These are Assumable Loans (Notes)
    • No limits on Commercial Purchases (case by case basis)
  • The borrower can close as an Individual, Trust, Corporation or LLC
    • The borrower must provide a 30% – 20% Minimum Down Payment

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