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The Aquaculture Division of Global Commercial Capital Investment Group, Inc (GCCIG) invests into the development of commercial aquaculture projects in nations where there is an identified market.

Through our exploits, we have become advocates of indoor farms with implemented recirculation technologies and in outdoor net farming facilities.

To the candidates that are successful in acquiring funding approval. We offer a framework where our industry partners are mandated to provide the support mechanisms needed to foster the sustainable development of each individual aquaculture sector. A few of these mechanisms are listed below.

Training and Technology Transfer

  • Pond management
  • Proper feeding techniques
  • Fish biology
  • Water quality management
  • Pests and diseases control
  • Live food culture
  • Breeding distinct species of fish
  • Construction of aquarium and filters

Start-up Services

  • Site evaluation
  • Cost/Return analysis
  • Pond construction supervision
  • Routine and emergency assessments
  • On and offsite training
  • Technical advice

 Support Services

  • Provision of seed stock and seed stock assessment support
  • Procurement of equipment used in production, delivery, and harvesting of fish
  • Procurement of seine nets
  • Procurement of hauling tanks
  • Procurement of aeration pumps 

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