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Agriculture is one of the most significant industries in the world as long as food is a necessity for survival. Just about all countries would want to increase agricultural productivity, both internally and externally with it being a major export earner for most. The question that faces each of us is, ‘how’?

Agriculture can be a driver for national growth, poverty reduction especially in the rural areas where agriculture is key and a provider for investment opportunities.

Our farming division extends to the production of cash crops, poultry farming, cattle farming and fish farming.

Our cash crops will focus on crops with 3 months reap time, such as lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, peanuts, and peppers.

Our growing systems will allow us to produce the highest quality of products efficiently within a controlled environment. Using greenhouse technology we will employ hydroponic and hydro-organic farming.

We will support the respective local industries whose location is chosen for deployment of our greenhouses, by purchasing the infrastructure and equipment from local stores. However, unavailable infrastructure will be outsourced where needed.

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