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How To Make Small Investments?

Have you already put together some good savings and want to put your money to work to earn more? If you have been thinking about investing your money, but you have not decided yet, do not be afraid and start right now! There are investment options that allow you to make small investments and offer you an excellent return. Do you already know them?

First of all, we want to tell you that contrary to what is thought, investments are not an exclusive activity for great tycoons or people with large amounts of money. Every time, it is easier for small savers to have the opportunity to invest a part of their savings, regardless of whether it is small or large savings.

When to start investing?

Knowing the right time to invest is one of the most common questions you have when you are thinking about making your money profitable. The answer is now! Do not wait any longer, since the results of investments take time and the sooner you start investing, the sooner you will generate more profits, which you can reinvest and thus generate more profits.

We know that choosing what to invest your money in can be complicated since there is a large number of investment assets and also a latent fear that you will not obtain the expected results or that you will even lose your capital. It is true that all investment assets can put your capital at risk, but we are going to give you some advice to minimize this risk: diversify your investment.

How to start with small investments?

The key to making small investments and being successful is financial diversification. What does this mean? that as the famous saying says “do not put all your eggs in the same basket”, you should not bet your entire investment budget on a single asset, but you must divide it and distribute it into different risky assets, in order to reduce its exposure to risk, without reducing the expected return.

This diversification should be greater the risk of the investment, since this way you can ensure that your money is not lost, and in the event that any of these fractions is not as successful as you expected, you can compensate the losses with the benefits of the others.

Each investor profile meets particular needs, and you must adapt your investment to them. If you are an investor who likes to take risks, you can allocate a higher amount to that product that offers you a greater return but takes into account that it represents a greater risk. However, if you are risk-averse, it is recommended that you invest mainly in products with lower risk. Although the profitability is sometimes lower, it does not mean that it is no longer attractive.

In what to invest with little money?

There are a couple of options that allow you to make investments with a small amount of money. We suggest you know the investment products and analyze their characteristics so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

One of the favorite options for small investors is crowdlending in companies. Through this, companies can access financing in the form of loans through various investors or other companies that provide a percentage of money and obtain a return.

The crow factoring is a derivative of this modality, through this model, investors can finance companies with the guarantee of the collection rights of the invoices that they issue to their most solvent clients. In this case, the investor anticipates the money from invoices to the companies in the short term.

With Invoiced you support Chilean SMEs to finance their activity and grow, granting them financing through the advance of their invoices. In addition, you can reduce the risk of your investment to the maximum, diversifying in a wide portfolio of invoices.

Making small investments with Invoiced is very easy. Below we explain systematically how you can start investing with only 100,000 CL and obtain an attractive return that ranges from 8 to 15% per year.

  1. Register and upload your documents. It is 100% online and you will not have to sign any paper.
  2. Choose an operation. Place a bid or offer for the total or a percentage of the invoices. If your bid is selected as a winner, transfer the money to Invoiced.
  3. Receive your money plus your earnings! Once the debtor company pays the invoice, we will transfer you the original amount plus your profit.
  4. Enjoy your money and keep making money. We recommend you look for another operation to continue making your money profitable with Invoiced.