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History of Apple Computers

Apple, a listed company in the Fortune 500, has a long history of innovation, pioneering, and leadership in the computer industry. Its businesses are diverse, with different components for devices including computers, cell phones, iPods, computers, and television sets. A key component of the Company is its Macintosh, iPod, and iMac computers.

History of Apple The first computers for personal use were created in the late 1950s by two students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 1971, Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft Corporation to develop software. Later, he joined the prestigious Harvard Business School.

Apple had two products, the Macintosh and the Apple II, which were revolutionary in their time, providing new high-tech products. The Macintosh was the first computer to have a mouse, and it was based on word-processing software. Apple II followed, which was powered by the microprocessor from the original Macintosh.

The line expanded to include notebooks and came to include computers that ran Microsoft Windows. Computers became even more advanced, including portable computers that were designed for travellers. One of the most popular was the Apple Lisa, which was similar to the Apple II. The Lisa ran Microsoft Windows.

The product Lisa was especially innovative in its product design and its ease of use. Its main competitors were Dell and Compaq. Dell’s rival, IBM, sold its PowerPC based PC-XT and later, its PC-XT w/c, which had a hard drive and graphics capability. HP was also selling a similar computer, the Compaq Presario.

History of Apple Computer Company profile To be listed in the Fortune 500 is only an honour, not an accomplishment. In order to be granted this honour, a company must meet a set of criteria. It must have been able to create products that customers wanted, and that the market demanded. It must have a management team that has demonstrated a dedication to customer service, and to business improvement.

This is reflected in their efforts to improve the productivity of their employees and their pursuit of the next world’s leading computer manufacturers. Apple continues to offer valuable products that are consumer necessities and play an important role in people’s lives. The focus is on efficiency, quality, and reasonable pricing. If you want to make a difference in your life or the lives of others, invest in your future with Apple.

History of Apple Computers has changed the way we live, work, and communicate. You will find in the Apple history book a peek into the beginnings of a company that is always looking for ways to improve its customer service and take the world by storm. These devices may have originated in an MIT dorm room, but you can bet that Apple still takes the bull by the horns.